NEEP's EM&V Forum Releases New Research and Evaluation Project Results

NEEP's  Evaluation, Measurement & Verification (EM&V) Forum has recently completed two large research and evaluation projects.  The results of these studies advance energy efficiency by supporting program administrator calculations of savings from efficient lighting and unitary HVAC equipment and also serving as documentation for submissions to the region’s forward capacity markets. These were large, expensive studies that would have been impossible for many Forum sponsors on their own; they leveraged funds from the 10 states that participate in the Forum.  More information about the studies follows: Unitary HVAC Load Shape Study: This study developed weather normalized load shapes representative of hourly savings for efficient commercial unitary HVAC equipment promoted by efficiency programs in the New England, New York and mid-Atlantic regions and reported coincidence factors for the peak periods as defined by system operators for the forward capacity markets. The load shapes are based on the results of primary data collection, including metering, as well as data from existing sources. The study also produced a spreadsheet tool that allows the user to generate 8760 load shapes based on user-specified inputs and for user-specified peak periods, which may be useful for environmental studies as well as energy efficiency program purposes. Commercial Lighting Measure Persistence Study: This study estimated the effective useful life (aka measure life) based on on-site verification of the presence of a sample of CFL bulbs and fixtures, LED exit signs, HID fixtures, and T8 fixtures installed by commercial and industrial lighting programs over many years in New England and New York. These results update documentation that can be used to support submissions to the NE-ISO Forward Capacity Market and inform estimates of efficiency program savings.  Results of this study indicate that equipment end of life is more frequently due to building turnover than to equipment failure.  The study also determined the expected hours of operation for the same equipment categories based on secondary data. In addition to these studies, the EM&V Forum will release additional research and evaluation project results including the Commercial Lighting Load Shape Study and the Incremental Cost Study in late July.  Final products from these projects will be posted on the EM&V Forum website.

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